Private Road

by Andrew Sanderson

This long, winding track is on a private estate in a quiet part of Scotland. We used to stay near here every Easter and often had evening walks along this track. The small house at the end marked the half way point.

Private Road

Andrew Sanderson
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Andrew Sanderson

A professional photographer for over 30 years, Andrew Sanderson has established an international reputation as a photographer, master printer and teacher of the medium of film photography. He works with many different techniques and formats, but always with images which are strong on observation and composition. His three books: 'Night Photography', 'Hand Colouring and Alternative Darkroom Processes', and 'Home Photography' all received excellent reviews all over the world and have sold out.

Andrew has published countless articles in all the top UK photography magazines: Ag+ Photographic, Amateur Photographer, Black and White Photography, Camera and Creative Photography and Photo Art International. His work has inspired many photographers over the years.

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